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Positive Education

At the Senior Campus Positive Education is taught once a fortnight to Year Ten. Positive Education is an approach to education that sees the development of character, resilience and wellbeing vitally important for a student to achieve academic progress. It is not all about a happiness fix or believing that we can feel positive always. 

There will always be times in your life when things aren’t going well. That’s part and parcel of being human. You don’t need a smile on your face every day – but what you do need are skills to be optimistic and resilient when faced with a difficult, sad or challenging situation.

It is about creating a community where students and staff have the skills to be their best possible selves, evolving toward their highest potential.

Pos Ed helps students develop the skills they need to be active participants in how they want to “show up” in the world. Wellbeing, resilience and character can be taught and this notion is at the very core of Positive Education.

Research also suggests that students who know how to care for and enhance their own wellbeing tend to achieve higher academic results.

Positive Education will become part of our core thinking as the language is embedded into all classes. We are equipping young people for life beyond school in order to flourish and to have a greater sense of control over their wellbeing.