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Uniform Policy

 Uniform Policy

We are a uniform College and all students are expected to dress in full Campus uniform ‘except on mufti days’.   Parents are urged to support the wearing of Campus uniform.  Wearing of uniform shows a pride in the College and a wish to belong.  There are also Workplace Health and Safety requirements related to wearing of a uniform.

Students who are out of uniform must bring a parental note of explanation to the Deputy Principal before lessons commence.  A uniform exemption pass will be issued.

Students who come to lessons dressed out of uniform without a parental note on three separate occasions may be sent home to change.

UNIFORM FOR PHYSICAL EDUCATION – PE is an integral part of the Year 10 curriculum and all students must take part in the organised activities unless there are some health reasons why they cannot participate.  If so, we require a doctor’s certificate from parents stating the reasons why the pupils are to be:

(a)          excused temporarily:


(b)          excused permanently from Physical Education classes

We expect students to wear a PE uniform for the following reasons:

·         protection of uniforms

·         cleanliness and hygiene reasons

·         safety and freedom of movement of the students

·         promotion of personal and Campus pride

Students PE Uniform consists of a Blue/Gold Polo shirt and Navy sports shorts.


The Department of Education and Training specifies that shoes with a firm sole and leather uppers should be worn by students in practical lessons. 

Students whose shoes do not meet WH&S safety standards will be excluded from participating in practical lessons and may be sent home to change into appropriate footwear.

Aprons and head coverings are required for practical Food Technology lessons and are available at a reasonable price from the Campus.

Aprons are also advisable for Industrial Technology lessons and are available from the Industrial Arts Department for a reasonable price.  These aprons may be worn in Home Economics classes ONLY if they are clean and in good condition.

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