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General Information for Parents

Absence from the Campus

Attendance is essential for academic progress. Students are expected to attend the Campus every day that the Campus is in operation. Attendance at class is a requirement of the Department of Education for Year 10, completion of the Year 11 Preliminary HSC Course, and the HSC. Acceptable reasons for absences are:

  • Sickness
  • Family emergencies (seriously ill relatives, death in the Family)

All absences must be explained upon return to school after absence otherwise the absence will be recorded as unexplained. This could jeopardise the student’s position in a course as well as lead to the withdrawal of any Youth Allowance. Notes explaining your absence from the Campus must be given to your roll call teacher.


It is a condition of continuing enrolment that the Campus is kept up-to-date of a student’s current address and parent/caregivers’ contact phone numbers. If a student has a change of address, he/she must immediately inform the Front Office and complete a change of address form. Where there is a change of family information, a new ERN form will be needed.


Campus students are not permitted to consume or bring alcohol onto the Campus. The Department of Education has very strict rules that alcohol is not to be consumed on Campus premises or during Campus functions where students are present, even if students are of legal age. Students who do this will be suspended.

Anti Racism

Behaviour that discriminates against students or staff on the grounds of sex, sexuality or race is against the law and will not be tolerated at this Campus. Students and staff who see or experience discriminatory behaviour are urged to report it to the Anti Racism Officer, Mr Chris Wright who can be located in the HSIE staffroom upstairs in J Block. People found practising discriminatory behaviour will be counselled and may have sanctions placed on them.  Parents and caregivers will be notified in writing and offenders may be suspended from the Campus. See also the section on Violence and serious threats of violence.  


Assemblies are held at random times at school, they are a mix of Year Assemblies and Whole School Assemblies. Formal Assemblies are also held at various times during the year.

Formal Assemblies will be conducted each term.

Whole School Assemblies will be organised and conducted by the Captains and the SRC under the guidance of the Deputy Principal.

Year Assemblies are held in conjunction with Roll Call on a weekly basis in the Hall – Year 10 Monday, Year 11 Tuesday and Year 12 Wednesday


All assessment tasks must be completed. We expect that all students will be working towards achieving all outcomes in the courses studied. Assessment tasks are utilised to award students Grades in Year 10 and Year 11 and contribute to the HSC. Failure to complete these will have a detrimental effect on your final results. All students will be issued with an Assessment Booklet which explains the Campus assessment policy and the assessment schedule for each of the courses offereds.


The roll is marked at the beginning of every lesson by the class teacher. The record of attendance at each period becomes part of the official roll for the day. Students are expected to know the times for the beginning of every period and make it their business to be prompt so that lessons can begin without any further interruptions. All students are expected to attend all timetabled lessons. The official roll marking period is held in Roll Call and will record absences from class as well as whole day absences from the Campus. Frequent absences from class can jeopardise your place in a course and lead to an “N” Award. Poor attendance, even through genuine reasons, may mean unsatisfactory completion of a course under Board of Studies requirements.

Students who arrive after 8.35am are late and must report to the Front Office to sign in. They will be issued with a late note that is to be given to their classroom teacher. Students who arrive late must have a note from their parents/caregiver explaining why they are late. Students will be given a detention if they arrive late with no written explanation. Students who are regularly late will be interviewed regarding their progress.  Some students are given the privilege of having flexible attendance. These students are issued with a special flexible attendance card. They must still sign in at the front office EVERY morning before they go to class and sign out at the front office before they leave the school.

Attendance figures, including absences, unexplained absences and truancy are reported upon in both the Mid Course and end of year Reports.

Cafeteria/ Canteen

The cafeteria is run by our P&C and most of the profits are returned to the Campus for the purchase of books and equipment for student use. This means if you buy food and stationery from our cafeteria you are helping the Campus to provide you with better and more resources for your education. Senior students may make purchases from the cafeteria whenever it is open: before classes; during breaks or, study periods.


Car Parking

Students who drive a car to the Campus must park outside the school grounds, take note of bus zones, and ensure they are not parked illegally. Students that do not adhere to these road rules are likely to be fined or towed away. Students who drive to and from school must drive in an appropriate manner and adhere to all road rules.

Code of Conduct

This is provided on a separate sheet in this booklet and, in the interests of a safe and happy learning environment, we expect all students to comply with it at all times.

Concession Cards

All students over 16 years of age at the start of each year can collect a concession card from the Front Office. This can be used for Government train/bus/ferry travel. Replacement cards have a cost of $28.



There is a Counsellor at school most days of the week. The office of the Counsellor is located in B block. Students can make an appointment with the Counsellor at any time. The Counsellor will arrange a note for the student to show their teacher for being out of class. Parents can ring and speak to a counsellor or make an appointment to come in for an interview.

Daily Notices

Daily Notices are published each day and your Roll Call teacher will organise to present this information to students. Students are responsible for making themselves aware of what is on the Daily Notices as this is one of the major ways in which staff, communicate with students and other staff members.



These are a valuable and in some cases mandatory part of the curriculum. Notices of excursions will be provided in advance, and payment and signed permission notes will be required before the excursion takes place. All students are expected to agree to follow the rules of the excursions which will be detailed on the excursion notice. Overnight excursions require students and parent/care givers to sign an agreement in relation to student behaviour and the consequences of any misbehaviour.


Tuition is free in government schools. The government also pays for: all site maintenance, electricity, water, gas, council rates, basic teaching resources and some textbooks. To top up resources, and provide consumables, contributions and fees may be charged. There are two types of school fees:

·         General School Contribution, which is voluntary, and is used to cover general programs such as sport equipment, copying, assessment, exams, reports and paper. 

·         Subject fees which cover the cost of the consumables, tools and equipment.

     These fees are not deemed to be voluntary.

Please refer to separate sheet in this booklet for Fees for 2020.

Payment of fees should be made at the Office early in Term 1.  The office will accept cash, cheque or the following credit cards: MasterCard, Bankcard and Visa. Phone/mail credit card payments options are also available.

Times for paying any monies at the front office are as follows:

Before classes (8.00am - 8.30am), recess and lunchtime.

Financial Assistance

The Campus receives Student Assistance funds for students. Where families are experiencing financial difficulties some exemptions can be arranged. This should be discussed with the Principal. Students who receive Youth Allowance are expected to use these funds to contribute towards their education.

First Aid Officers

The Campus has First Aid officers whose duty it is to render aid to students who are sick or injured at the Campus. The officers are members of the School Administrative and Support Staff (SASS). Our First Aid officer is Mrs Dewar in the Science Staffroom. Students who are injured at the Campus or on the way to the Campus must go or, be taken to the Front Office for treatment. If the First Aid officer considers that the student requires urgent medical treatment parents will be informed and an ambulance will be called. If the student is unable to come to the Front Office a message must be sent to the First Aid officer to attend the scene of the accident. Ambulances must not be called without the Front Office being notified – we are required by law to notify parents immediately, keep a record of all accidents, the treatment given, and the action taken. We do this through the Front Office. Students who are sent to the Front Office will be tended by one of the First Aid officers. Students will not be given headache tablets without the permission of parents, or the Principal if parents cannot be contacted.


Flexible Attendance

Year 10 students are expected to remain at the Campus from 8.30am - 2.45pm unless otherwise specified.

Year 11 and Year 12, except for students doing a TAFE or Line 7 or Sport Academy course, remain all day, except for Tuesday when they finish lessons at 12:35. Those doing TAFE, Line 7 will be able to apply for flexible attendance when they do not have a face-to-face class.



Those areas of the Campus grounds that are supervised by teachers on playground duty are in bounds. Before lessons and at recess these areas are: the canteen; the quadrangle; the grassed area; western end of the hall; area in front of the canteen; and the sealed area on the oval side of the covered walkway. At recess and lunch the oval is available to those students engaged in ball games. Students are asked to take care of the grounds by: keeping to pathways; staying off gardens; placing their rubbish in garbage bins provided.

BICYCLES are not to be ridden in the playgrounds. The bike compound is out of bounds during the Campus day.



School starts every day at 8:30am. Students who arrive at the Campus and class after this time are late and will not be admitted to class without a late note. If you are late you must report to the Front Office who will issue you with a late note and monitor your punctuality. Students who arrive late to the Campus will miss a part of their first period lesson and are expected to find out from their teacher what work they have to catch up. Students who are frequently late will be placed on lunch or after-school detention. Repeat offenders run the risk of failing to meet Year 10, Preliminary HSC and HSC course requirements.


The library is open across a wide range of times throughout the week. It is well resourced with books, periodicals, videos, and computer programs. The library also has several computers for student use including access to the Internet for student research. Library staff encourages students to seek their assistance so that students are fully aware of the services available. Students are also urged to make use of the library as a private study centre during “study” periods so that the time can be used productively to complete homework, work on assignments and assessment tasks, and do extra reading and research.


The lift has been installed for physically disabled students. Senior Students who are incapacitated and need to go the top floor of J Block may borrow the lift key from the Front Office provided they sign for it and return the key when they have returned to ground level.



Lockers are provided for students in Years 11 and 12. The SRC are responsible for the lockers. Lockers will cost $40 for the year. Students are only allowed to go to the locker allocated to them, they are not allowed to use or go to anyone else’s locker. No food is to be kept in lockers over night. The Campus executive will search lockers if they have reason to suspect that a locker might have illegal drugs, alcohol or stolen property.


Mobile Phones

These are permitted on Campus but they must be turned off during lessons, assemblies and whilst in the library. It is against the Code of Conduct to send or receive messages or to make or receive calls (verbal or SMS) at these times as it is disruptive to others and therefore bad manners. Students are responsible for keeping their mobile phone on their person at all times to keep it safe from thieves. The Department of Education and police have strict rules regarding the use of mobile phones to bully other students or to harass staff.


The Senior Campus produces a newsletter. This newsletter is for students, parents and staff and aims to keep them informed of College, Campus and student achievements, Campus functions and activities, calendar of events, and relevant community events. It is published twice per term in the week of each P & C Meeting. The newsletter is available for download from the BWSC website.

Parent Concerns

Parents with concerns about something that has happened at the Campus should contact either of the Deputy Principals, or the Principal. These concerns alert us to possible areas for improvement and we wish to work constructively with parents so that we can improve our Campus. The senior executive can be contacted at the Campus between the hours of 8am and 4pm on phone number 4341 1600.


P&C Association

The Senior Campus P&C meets once a term during term time at 7:00pm.  Parents are urged to join the P&C and to actively support its activities. The cafeteria is the main fundraiser for the P&C. The senior executive considers that the P&C represents the parents and as such report to it on the Campus achievements and planned activities, and seek their advice on future directions for the campus. The more parents we have actively participating the greater the parent representation and the wider the input from the school community.



Year 10 students will receive a report (Terms 2 & 4).  Year 11 students will receive a Mid-Course Report in Term 2 and a Preliminary HSC Report on their performance in their Preliminary HSC courses of study at the beginning of Term 4.  Year 12 students will receive a Mid-Course Report at the end of in Term 1 and a Trial HSC Report in Term 3.  



Smoking is not permitted by law on government (Campus) premises. This includes visitors and staff. Students are not to be seen smoking down the street, gathered outside the Campus, or when travelling to and from the Campus whilst in the Campus uniform. Smokers give schools a bad public image, and smoking is bad for your health. Various forms of action may be taken with offenders, including suspension.



Sport is compulsory for Years 10 & 11 as it is a requirement of the Department of Education and Training.  Year 12 only are exempted from sport.

Year 10 students have sport integrated through their PE lessons.

Students should bring their sports uniforms to change prior to the commencement of sport.    Special arrangements apply for Year 11 students.  Year 11 must complete and record 60 hours of sport activities over Terms 1 – 3. Please see the separate section on Year 11 Sport.


Study Periods

Some students in Years 11 and 12 will have periods where they do not have a timetabled lesson. Students are advised to use these periods to do private study in the library.  We believe that Year 11 and 12 students should make use of these study periods and have established a dedicated place in the Campus library for their use. When possible within the demands of the timetable, the area will be staffed by a teacher who will assist students in their learning. A bank of computers with Internet access is also located in the area.

At the start of any “study” period, students are to sign alongside their name in the special book kept in the library indicating where they will be for the period. As well as doing private study in the library, “study” periods may be used by students to visit one of their teachers (check that they are free first), work on major projects (with teacher permission), or visit the canteen. Students on a “study” period are to make sure that they do not disrupt any classes that are in progress.  Students who do not have lessons timetabled for either first or last period will be given the privilege to sign in late/out early provided they have brought a signed note from their parents and given it to the Deputy. When this has happened students will be required to sign out at the office.


Student Representative Council

The SRC is an integral part of life on the Senior Campus. The Campus captains and vice captains are chosen from Year 11 students by Year 11 students and staff at the end of Term 3.  Their role is to liaise between the SRC and the Principal and to represent the College in the community.  The SRC is led by an Executive, consisting of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Publicity Officer.  The SRC representatives elect the Executive.  All years are represented in the SRC and these representatives are chosen by students in their year group.  The SRC represents the whole school body and meets weekly to discuss concerns and to organise events for the whole school community.  They also liaise with the Campus Executive and P&C with regard to school planning.  The SRC raises funds for charities and for Campus improvements.  They also attend Leadership Forms during the year and representatives of the SRC will be involved in committees in the wider community and attend the District and State meetings of the SRC.


Student Advisers

There are six student advisers for students:


Year 10          ATLs are allocated to each Roll Call Class


Year 11          Ms O’Keefe - Support Staffroom

                        Miss Thornton – English Staffroom [?]

Year 12          Mr Lawler - Mathematics Staffroom

                        To be advised

Please see your Year Adviser or ATL if you are experiencing any difficulties or have any concerns associated with the Campus or any personal problems or concerns.

Student Services Team

The Campus Learning Support team is made up of the welfare personnel - Head Teacher Student Services, Year Advisers, School Counsellors, and the senior executive. LST meets formally every week but members of the team can be accessed by students at any time.  




All students are issued with an individual timetable at the start of the year and whenever the timetable is radically changed. You will need to have a copy of your timetable with you each day so that you know which class and room to go to each lesson. If you lose your timetable you may obtain another one from the Front Office.


Travelling to and from the Campus

Students who live outside a two-kilometre radius of the campus are eligible for a free bus pass. Changes are currently being made to this system by the Government. Bus pass application forms can be obtained from the Front Office. Students who are eligible for a bus pass and who have not yet been issued with one, can travel to and from the Campus without a bus pass the first two or three weeks of Term 1. Bus passes should have arrived at the Campus by then – students will be informed via the daily notices when the bus passes arrive and when they will be issued. The Campus will be judged by how you behave in public. It is a Campus rule that you be polite to others and this includes members of the public and other students when travelling to and from the Campus. Bus passes can be removed for unacceptable behaviour on the bus, and the Campus code of conduct covers students from the time they leave home in the morning until the time they arrive home after lessons.


Fractional Truancy:  Teachers mark their roll each lesson and record any students who is missing from class.  Any student found to have truanted is given a faculty and/or after school detention, parents are notified and they are required to catch up on work missed.

Repeated Truancy may lead to Suspension and Non-Progression in a school year.


We are a “Uniform Campus” and all students are expected to dress in full Campus uniform. School uniform includes the wearing of black leather shoes. This is both a uniform and a WH&S requirement. Parents are urged to support the wearing of Campus uniform. Wearing the uniform shows a pride in the Campus and a wish to belong. The aim of our new senior uniform is to present a corporate image. The official uniform list and how to obtain it is presented separately. Students who are out of uniform must have a note from their parents/caregivers. This note is to be given to the Deputy Principal before school, who will issue a uniform exemption pass for the day. We’re sportswear in Mutu road are our campus uniform suppliers and are open business hours. The College Uniform Policy is endorsed by the P & C.

Unsatisfactory Participation in Learning

The progress of students is monitored mid-term and at the end of term. Students who have received “N” award warning letters in two or more subjects, and who have not shown improvement as a result of the warning will be deemed to be demonstrating unsatisfactory participation in learning. The Deputy Principal will contact the student’s parents/caregivers to issue a warning in writing that the student is showing unsatisfactory participation in learning and that lack of improvement will lead to expulsion from the Campus. The Deputy Principal will also arrange an interview with the student and his/her parents/caregiver to discuss the matter and negotiate an improvement program with the student and his/her parents/caregiver. The student must demonstrate improvement within the timeline set (usually 3 weeks) otherwise the student may be expelled from this Campus for unsatisfactory participation in learning.


Violence and Serious Threats of Violence

Students who use violence or make serious threats of violence to settle their differences or for any other reason will be suspended from Campus immediately. We are a “hands off” Campus and insist that students resolve any conflicts peacefully. Students must seek the help of specially trained peer mediators, their class teacher, Year Adviser or the Head Teacher Student Services if this cannot be done without the help of a third party. Where a senior student is suspended as a result of resorting to violence or serious threats of violence, one condition for the lifting of the suspension will be that the student organises counselling for anger management. Students who are still using violence to settle their differences are leaving themselves open to charges of physical assault. The Campus believes that such students need support to break the cycle before it becomes a habit that will destroy relationships with others for the rest of their life.