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Minimum Standards

What are the HSC Minimum Standards?

Students need reading, writing and numeracy for everyday life after school. This is why students in NSW are being supported to meet a minimum standard of literacy and numeracy to receive the HSC from 2020.

Together with the NSW Literacy and Numeracy Strategy, the HSC minimum standard is part of an effort to improve the literacy and numeracy outcomes for students.

2020 Key Dates:

17th February - 30th November (on school days)
BWSC students will be notified during roll call and class time regarding the specific timing for their testing windows.

30th November

Deadline to sit each test and receive the HSC credential by results day.

What happens if a student doesn’t meet the HSC Minimum Standard?

From 2020, only students who meet the HSC Minimum Standard will receive a HSC credential.

Students do not need to meet the HSC Minimum Standards to:

-       Study HSC courses

-       Sit HSC exams

-       Receive HSC assessment and exam results

-       Receive an ATAR

-       Receive a Records of School Achievement (RoSA)

Disability provisions:

Some students with disability and those studying Life Skills courses may be exempt from meeting the minimum standard to receive their HSC credential. Our school will communicate in a personal manner with students and the parents of students regarding these considerations.

Accessing Results

Students need to use their NESA students online accounts. To have demonstrated the Minimum Standard, students need to have reached a Level 3 or 4.
Students can log in at:

Understanding Results

A sample report with a breakdown of how to interpret the information on the Students Online portal is provided in an attachment below.

Details on the tests themselves:

Information regarding the level of skill required:

NESA website: