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Course Information

English study is mandatory in NSW from Kindergarten to Year 12.

The English Faculty aims to provide students with opportunities to experience, reflect on and learn from the lives of others through the texts they read.

The English teachers at BWSC are committed to developing the cognitive, social and emotional needs of all students. For that reason we are active in all areas of school life. While a significant aspect of teaching English is concerned with the development of skills in reading, writing, listening, viewing and speaking, we believe that it should also equip the young people in our care with the skills they need to articulate and reflect upon their concerns, their fears, their beliefs and their position in the world. The development of the individual student is of vital concern to us and it is with this in mind that we regularly collaborate with one another to design challenging programs for our students. Our focus on inclusivity and differentiation across all academic abilities and skill levels shape both our Stage 5 & Stage 6 teaching and learning programs.

Strategic resourcing of quality texts is fundamental to our programming as we endeavour to enrich the learning experiences of our students by providing them with a range of different circumstances, situations and characters in order to develop an educated perspective and understanding of other individuals, communities and cultures. Through the study of literature, students come to understand human behaviour in terms of the ideas people have about good and evil and morality and immorality, therefore studying highly valued texts is imperative as they assist students in developing their own moral code.