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Minimum Standards

Student Support for HSC Minimum Standards

My name is Rebecca Williams and I organise and assist students to achieve their HSC Minimum Standards.

My priority is to ensure all students feel supported throughout this process.

Throughout 2019, our school trialed and refined a range of strategies designed to best support students in developing their literacy and numeracy skills. It is important to note that the literacy and numeracy skills these tests measure are based on benchmarks set by the Australian Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

The tests themselves are targeted at a Level 3 of the Australian Core Skills Framework. These identified skills are considered necessary to support students as they navigate their lives beyond high school.

The expectation is that these standards are to be achieved by the end of Year 12 and so, it is natural that there are students in Year 10 who do not yet demonstrate the benchmark in one or more skill areas.

In good news, students have 6 opportunities per academic year to sit each test (Reading, Writing and Numeracy) to achieve Minimum Standards. Throughout Year 10 students will receive opportunities within their timetabled lessons to sit a testing round for Reading, Writing and Numeracy. After the initial round of testing, select students identified as working toward Minimum Standards will be supported via a range of differentiated in-school activities designed specifically to assist in reaching this necessary benchmark.

Strategies include, but are not limited to:

-       Extraction from class for one on one literacy and/or numeracy support with a Student Learning Support Office or myself.

-       Literacy workshops hosted by Head Teacher for English, Mariel Williamson.

-       Numeracy workshops hosted by Head Teacher for      Mathematics, Jane Crump.

-       Variation to routine: timetable adjustments for students to partake in small group adjusted activities

Links and further information available under the ‘ Parents and Students/Minimum Standards’ component of this website.