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Law and Order

Course Description

Law and Order examines governments, criminals and legal systems around the world with a focus on deciding who the “real” crooks are: law-makers or law-breakers? This course also introduces legal concepts that will be of assistance for students interested in studying Legal Studies in Year 11 and 12.

What will students learn about?

Students will:

  • Investigate governments and leaders around the world, from Nazi Germany to the Taliban in Afghanistan, and ask what makes a “bad” government? Using criteria students have developed themselves, students then judge and compare “bad governments”.
  • Examine the careers of the worst of the worst criminals around the world, such as Jack the Ripper, Charles Manson and Pablo Escobar. Students explore the magnitude of the crimes committed, the motives of the criminals and the impact their crimes have had on the international community.
  • Learn about punishments both around the world and throughout history, from medieval devices of torture to methods of capital punishment like the guillotine, in order to judge when punishments become “cruel and unusual”.
  • Research the perceived rise in crime, terrorism, “bad” governments and unfair laws, to examine the question “Is the world really getting worse?”

What will students learn to do?

This is a project based learning course. Students will conduct their own research into the deep questions about law and order, such as “What makes a bad national leader?” or “When does punishment really fit the crime?” They will then present their findings to the class for discussion and debate.

How will students be assessed?

Students will be assessed through independently researched case studies, for example one on an infamous criminal, and present these to the class in their choice of creative format. Students will also examine statistics, complete an independent media study and conduct surveys to respond to the question “Is the world really getting worse?”

Record of School Achievement

Law and Order is a Personal Interest Elective course that will be studied for 100 hours in Year 10. Satisfactory completion of 100 hours of study in this course during Stage 5 (Year 10) will be recorded with a grade on the student’s Yearly Report but NOT on their Record of School Achievement.