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Career Assessments 

Many people like to undertake Career Assessments because they believe the results will assist them to find the 'perfect job' or perfect 'career path'.

Below is a selection of careers quizzes - there are many more to be found on the internet.

Skills Road career quiz  click on 'school access' then 'create your account'.  You will then be prompted for your school and password (BWSC)  Students must login with their '' email address.

However, there is more to a satisfying career then the outcome of a quiz.  Students should ensure that they do allow the results of a quiz to limit their career ideas!

Recent research has shown that linking personality to occupations has proven insufficient in the prediction of career satisfaction. Amundsen (below) explains that ten Workplace Attractors need to be considered in job/career selections in order to maximise satisfaction. Read through them carefully and consider how they apply to you:

1. Security

Security and stability are important; both financial, physical and position security. Everyone needs some level of financial security but for some individuals this is key to their choice of career/role.

2. Location

Some people are willing to travel/commute a reasonable distance to get to work; for other  people the location is very important as work needs to be close to home, family, childcare/school, friends, shops. These individuals will consider location as a key factor above others when considering a career/role.

3. Relationships

Interpersonal connections play a role in determining workplace attachment. For some individuals the connections with co-workers, supervisors, managers, members/customers is key in their career choice.

4. Recognition

As social beings, we need to feel appreciated and valued and know that our work matters. In addition to direct expressions of recognition, there are indirect forms such as a sense of acknowledgement from others that comes from working for a company with a good reputation.

5. Contribution

For many people it is important to feel that they are engaged in meaningful work that is ethical, worthwhile and makes a difference. This sense of purpose helps to create energy and enthusiasm for the work that is completed.

6. Work Fit

The alignment of work with skills, interests and values can play a key role in satisfaction at work.

7. Flexibility

For some people flexibility at work is a key attractor.  Flexibility includes the ability to achieve work/life balance, flexibility in hours, childcare, opportunities for leave, professional development and customises benefit packages.

8. Learning

Continuous learning through involvement in challenging activities can be a key motivator and attractor. Some individuals have a desire for intellectual stimulation and on-going skill development.

9. Responsibility

Most people like to be trusted to work on a project where they have the autonomy to make their own decisions. Some individuals are motivated by gaining additional responsibility and strive to complete work with minimum direction.

10. Innovation

Many people have a desire to be involved in activities where they feel that they are building something new. For certain individuals the ability to solve complex problems and demonstrative innovation and creativity is the key. 

Amundson, N. E. (2009). Active engagement: the being and doing of career counselling.Canada: Ergon Publications. (pp340-341)

Career Bullseye posters can help students to identify occupations that link with subjects studied at school and indicate what level of education and training is required.